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Since our first event in 2006, Amlec House has presented and managed Conferences, Business Forums, Luncheons, Seminars, Briefings and Workshops. Events have related to Innovation, Regional Security and Terrorism, CCTV & Crime Prevention, Aerial Surveillance Systems and Crisis Management.

Upcoming Events


Internet Investigations & Intelligence           

Two Day Workshop 

New Zealand Security Association

27-28 August 2014
New Zealand Security Conference and Exhibition 2014
Rendezvous Hotel, Auckland

Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

25-26 August 2014

Sydney, Australia
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Security in Government 2014
1 - 3 September 2014
Canberra, Australia
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Safety in Action Sydney
2 - 4 September 2014
Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney Olympic Park, Australia
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IFSEC Southeast Asia 2014
3 - 5 September 2014
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia
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CIO Leaders Summit Australia
17 - 18 September 2014
InterContinental Hotel, Sydney, Australia
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China Sourcing: Security Products
12 - 15 October 2014
AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong
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Big Data World Show Australia 2014
28 - 29 October 2014
Sydney, Australia
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Previous Events, Training & Workshops Under Our Management

2013, July. Amlec House, in association with DSAN Group, developed and delivered a highly focused one day workshop 'OSINT & Social Media Intelligence Collection' to introduce the skills required to conduct Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) campaigns in the social media environment. The workshop was designed for security professionals, investigators, social media and PR professionals and intelligence analysts and was attended by a mix of private and public professional delegates.

2011, May/June. Amlec House presented Tomer Benito's Art of Deterrence Security Workshop at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre to assist with preparations for CHOGM 2011. The workshop partnered with the International Academy of Law Enforcement & Security (IALES) and attracted a range of private and public professional delegates.

2010, October/November. Amlec House developed and delivered one day workshops for the WA Police Office of Crime Prevention on the management and evaluation of public space Closed Circuit Television (‘CCTV’) systems. Three (3) Workshops were delivered to ninety (90) local government and police representatives. In addition, we developed and published the CCTV Management & Operations Manual Template forming part of the WA CCTV Guidelines.

2010, June. Amlec House presented the two (2) day 'Art of Deterrence' Workshop by leading international security consultant and trainer, Mr. Tomer Benito. Mr. Benito is on the Amlec House International Advisory Board and the workshop was designed to raise awareness for CHOGM Perth 2011. We hosted thirty (30) security and management professionals from industry and government.

2009, 7 May. AICC(WA)'s ECU Innovation Series featuring Mr. Andrew Forrest, CEO of Fortesque Metals Group talking on "Self Actualisation".

2008, 20-22 October. Amlec House initiated and coordinated workshop presentations by leading Israeli companies, Bluebird Aero Systems and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Limited about Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs). Presentations were arranged for Murdoch’s LINK Research Group, Curtin’s Rio Tinto Centre of Mining, Edith Cowan’s SECAU Security Research Centre and WA Police Headquarters to specifically accommodate the variety of UAV capabilities across a wide range of industry sectors.

2008, 30 October. AICC (WA)'s Curtin Zernike DoIR Innovation Series 2008. "Curtinnovation: Clever Solutions for Complex Challenges" featuring: Dr. Opper (Israel’s Chief Scientist), John Poynton AM CitWA, Larry Lopez, Professor Jeanette Hacket, Keith Spence, Howard Rosario and Rod Safstrom.

2008, 3-5 September. Association of School Bersars & Administrators (WA) Inc. State Biennial Conference, Bunker Bay. Chris Cubbage presented to School Administrators from around the state on security management needs for schools, controlling security costs and importance of testing emergency management plans.

2008, 13 March. AICC (WA)'s Curtin Zernike DoIR Innovation Series 2008 "Rabbitnomics - them that live by digging holes in the ground, may eventually fall in a big one" featuring Lyn Beazley, WA Chief Scientist, Dr Oma Berry, former Chief Scientist, State of Israel and Barry Cusack, Chairman of Oxiana Ltd.

2007, 16 November. AICC(WA)’s Curtin Zernike DoIR Innovation Series 2007 "Chinnovation: What Can We Learn From China's Accelerating Science & Technology Innovation-Investment is just the beginning" presented by Li Jinghai, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Science.

2007, 23 August AICC(WA)’s Curtin Zernike DoIR Innovation Series 2007 "Supply Chain Innovation for Stakeholder Benefit – Dell’s road to supply chain excellence" presented by Mike Gray, Dell’s Supply Chain Evangelist.

2007, 22 May AICC(WA)’s Curtin Zernike DoIR Innovation Series 2007 "Innovation Nokia Style" presented by Jari Pasanen Vice President, Strategy and Technology, Nokia Multimedia.

2006, 8 September. Amlec House facilitated the ‘2006 Regional Terrorism & Security Conference’, Novotel Langley Hotel, Perth. Chris Cubbage attended as an invited guest to the Melbourne Counter-Terrorism Workshop with the Research Network for a Secure Australia, funded by the Australian Research Council, in support of the regional security event. Over 70 delegates attended from government, industry and academia.

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