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Amlec House Pty. Ltd., incorporated December 2004, provides specialist security management, risk management and investigation management services. The company is operated by a sole Director, with the support of two Advisory Boards of six senior advisors, and a network of specialist consultants and investigators.

Our Advisors and Principal Consultants have consulted and operated around the world and have assisted Fortune 500s, multi-nationals and conducted major crime investigations, as well as, commercial liability, factual, and risk investigations. This experience provides great insight into the security frameworks required to limit corporate liabilities and address foreseeable vulnerabilities. Security risk audits and assessments have been performed in all industry sectors and we provide further value with security awareness, training and information services.

Amlec House Pty. Ltd. is always greatly encouraged and hopeful of working with our clients on what are often important business risk projects. The management of corporate and community safety and security risk, both that which is inherent in the business and that which culminates from external sources, is an integral part of company directorship, management and operations.


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Martin Gill is based in Leicester, UK. He is the Director of Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International. Martin is also a Professor of Criminology and for over two decades has been actively involved in a range of studies relating to different aspects of crime and its prevention.

Martin has published widely (13 books and over 100 articles including ‘Managing Security’ and ‘CCTV’ published in 2003, and the 'Handbook' of Security' published in 2006) and is editor of ASIS International’s Security Journal. He regularly appears in the media commenting on security topics.

Martin is a Fellow of The Security Institute, a member of the Company of Security Professionals (and a Freeman of the City of London), he is Chair of the ASIS Research Council and an overseas representative on the ASIS International Academic Programs Committee.


Bruce is the CEO of Crisis Management International and has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies in crisis prevention, preparedness and response. He is a former Marine, a Clinical Psychologist and has been personally involved in crises such as the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina and multiple workplace shootings. He is the author of Blindsided: A Manager’s Guide to Catastrophic Incidents in the Workplace, August 2002, published by Portfolio, on corporate crisis preparedness and response. He has spoken as an industry expert on CNN, ABC's 20/20, CBS' 48 Hours, CNBC, NPR and in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Bruce is also Chairman of the Crisis Care Network (http://www.crisiscare.com/) which operates across the US and responds to about 800 critical incidents per month.


After serving in the IDF's Paratrooper Brigade, Mr. Benito joined the ISA and was deployed in several positions securing sensitive infrastructures and other vulnerabilities in Israel and abroad. Mr. Benito has designed, developed, and delivered various training and development programs and initiatives that have been implemented by leading agencies and organizations worldwide. Mr. Benito is the author of Rain for the Wicked-a fictitious training novel and is an expert in public speaking, security engineering, and articulation of vulnerabilities. Mr. Benito holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University of Haifa, Israel and a Master of Arts in Geographical Information Systems from California State University, Northridge. He is the regional representative of The International Tactical Officers Training Association and a member of several academic think tanks.

Amlec House recently sponsored Mr. Benito's 'Art of Deterrence' workshop at Curtin University's Graduate Business School, Perth WA. About 30 delegates attended and enjoyed the opportunity to hear a world class presenter and trainer on counter-terrorism efforts and reducing vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure protection.


Associate Professor AssAppSc, MAppSc, PhD

Dr. Clifton Smith is a retired Associate Professor of Security Science in the School of Engineering and Mathematics, Edith Cowan University, Perth WA. Professor Smith continues to conduct research in ballistics imaging, IT security, biometric imaging, and security education, and he developed the professional security programmes of Bachelor of Science (Security), Master of Science (Security Science), and Doctor of Philosophy (Security Science).

Clifton Smith is currently a Visiting Professor at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, and is the director of the International Centre for Security and Risk Sciences at ECU. Dr. Smith is developing the Security Science Research and Test Laboratory on the Joondalup Campus of Edith Cowan University.

PhD, MSc (Security Science), BSc, ADipEng (Electronics)

Dr. David Brooks is a former Senior Security Science Academic with Edith Cowan University. David conducted PhD research and specialises in risk, CCTV and technology management. Dr. Brooks has recently taken up the role of Project Manager Security within Worley Parson for Hancock Prospecting’s Roy Hill iron ore project. The Roy Hill project is a green field site that incorporates the mine, 300km+ of heavy rail with driverless trains, new port facilities just outside Port Hedland and a central control centre in Perth. The project is worth some AU$7 billion.

Chris Cubbage and David have recently co-authored Corporate Security in the Asia Pacific Region, Crisis, Crime, Fraud & Misconduct, CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Books, New York (TBP 09/2012). David is also the author of Public Space CCTV. Saarbrucken: VDM Verlag 2008.

David was previously employed by the Australian Defence Department as the Western Australian Regional Fixed Plant and Equipment Contract Manager and previous employment included seven years within the commercial security environment as a technical consultant and 13 years in the Royal Air Force (UK) as a Development Engineer in Defence Radar and Display systems.



Gavriel Schneider is a founding partner and a Director of the Dynamic Alternatives (DA) Group which is a specialised security risk management solutions provider. In addition to service provision in Australia, the company specialises in providing tailor made, turnkey and cost effective solutions for companies operating in Africa and other developing environments. Gavriel has just submitted his PhD dissertation which was an integrated study of the Australian and South African Private Security Industries. He is an ASIS CPP holds numerous international, South African and Australian qualifications and has authored a book on best practice protection tactics and strategies. Born in JHB he has had extensive business, security operations and training experience in Africa and other international locations. He has been involved with numerous projects and activities in many African countries, including providing protective services to Presidents and other high profile figures as well as presenting training to military and police special units.

Gavriel has created a niche by relating Australian Workplace Health & Safety practices and compliance requirements to the African market. He has spoken at numerous conferences and events on issues such as operating in developing and third world environments, traveller safety, integrated security and business solutions as well as specific issues around African business activities. He also holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Hisardut Jujitsu


Peter is currently CEO of Secure Systems Ltd and an experienced General Manager with particular strengths in technical and operations management. During his career, Peter has gained considerable experience in ICT security – providing ICT security solutions and services, building secure software intensive systems and security products, providing ICT security consultancy and project managing security product developments. Peter’s career commenced in software engineering research, before moving into systems integration, and then sales and consultancy. Peter has gained exposure to a number of large-scale secure system projects, in roles ranging from systems architect to project director.

Peter has held many and various senior business management responsibilities. Peter established and grew the Australian subsidiary of Admiral Management Services (an International consultancy specialising in ICT security, project management and technical consulting services) into a highly profitable, fast growing consultancy. Peter grew AMS to over 50 consultants whilst continuously achieving both high levels of revenue and profitability. As the Operations Director of CMG Australia (now LogicaCMG, an international ICT solutions business), Peter was the board director responsible for solution delivery and business operations; this involved overseeing projects with a combined value of $20M and 200 employees.

Peter has a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science, an MSc in System Design, specialising in critical systems and a Graduate Diploma in Business Management. Peter also attended the International Executive Programme at INSEAD, Europe’s leading business school in Paris. He is a Fellow of the Australia Institute of Company Directors and holds a diploma as a director.


Chris Cubbage has been a Director of Amlec House Pty. Ltd since August 2005. Chris is a corporate security and public safety consultant having provided crisis and risk management advice, conducted security audits and investigations for government and private industry around the world. Chris has over 20 years combined experience in criminal and civil investigation, in roles as homicide detective with WA Police Major Crime Squad and senior investigator at the Australian Crime Commission (ACC). Chris has lectured in Security Risk and Physical Security at Edith Cowan University, Perth Australia and has published research on the application and recognition of security risk management in Australian public companies. Chris is the Executive Editor of the Australian Security Magazine and presenter/producer of MySecurity TV. Through the media and his private consultancy company, Amlec House Pty. Limited, Chris continues to serve clients in the region and from around the world. Chris is accredited as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) with ASIS International.



Frazer brings over 20 years’ experience across the security domain, having provided protective security design, leadership, advice and management across numerous sectors. Both as a consultant and at a leadership level for companies and corporations including mining operations, downstream and upstream operations, universities, commercial, defence, custodial and government facilities both within Australia and overseas. With a particular skill set in security risk management, operational security planning and master plans, critical infrastructure protection and resilience, Frazer has presented at numerous international security conferences, and lectured at tertiary level. Frazer holds a number of security certifications and memberships including: SCEC Endorsed Security Consultant (Attorney Generals Department), International CPTED Association (ICA) and Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA).


Clint Tomlinson joined Amlec House as a Security Consultant in January 2011. During this period he has assisted with CCTV and Public Safety Projects for a variety of Local and State Government authorities. Clint has also conducted risk management and organisation security audits for a range of public and private clients and assisted in presenting workshops in Security and Cash Handling, Risk Management, Designing out Crime and CCTV Systems. Since joining Amlec House Clint has completed a CCTV Design and Construct course, a counter terrorism workshop and has recently obtained a Certificate III in Telecommunications. Clint possesses a Bachelor of Science (Security) with a major in Management from ECU.

Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Fellow of the Security Institute

Mr. Keith Davis has a background in military and police services, as a member of the British SAS and as a detective with the Australian Federal Police. He has provided a broad range of security consultancy, security training and crisis management services throughout the world, including Europe, USA, former Soviet Union, Middle East and Asia. He is a specialist in security risk analysis and contingency planning.

Keith has consulted to a wide range of clients, including the United Nations, Cargill, Federal Express, De Beers, Lasmo Oil Pakistan, Sun Microsystems, Hillsdown Holdings, Du Pont, Coca Cola, Roche, Cadbury Schweppes, Microsoft, IBM and many others. He has conducted innumerable security audits of financial institutions, companies engaged in transportation and storage of valuable commodities and security providers, worldwide.

Keith became a CPP in 1995, a qualification attesting to an individual's mastery of the body of security knowledge through experience, academic study and examination. Keith has often been called upon to give expert testimony in civil cases when security is at issue.

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Access Data Certified Examiner (ACE)

Phillip has over 21 years of practical and police investigational experience. His services are sought from organisations all over the world. He has instructed to a number of law enforcement agencies including Scotland Yard, Hong Kong Police, ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement, the Australian Federal Police, the FBI’s Regional Computer Forensics Labs, AHTCC Australia High Tech Crime Centre and a number of corporate entities including World Banks, the big four, telecommunication defence contractors including Boeing and Rayon.

During his policing career he was a forensic investigator and training officer for the Western Australian Police Service’s Computer Crime Investigation Squad. He had several papers published and was called on to deliver presentations at international computer security forums in both Moscow and New York. He presented at the Information Security Summit in Hong Kong in November 2006, and frequently, speaks at the CSI Fraud conferences held in Malaysia and Singapore. In 2008 Phillip delivered a new component of his training program; Practical Digital Evidence Gathering, to law enforcement and government entities which is presented across both Asia and Australia.


Prince Lazar is a Security Professional and Business Resiliency specialist with a wide exposure to the International Security market of Asia Pacific for the last 17 years. He is a former Armoured Corp Officer with the Indian Army and has held several security leadership positions in multiple geographies managing and protecting people, assets and strategic interests of the organisation. Prince is based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and has recently joined the Amlec House team of Security Consultants.

Prince holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is a Certified Business Continuity Management expert. He has carried out extensive compliance based Internal and External Audits on Security and Risk / Vulnerability Assessments in most locations of the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Russia and CIS.

Prince has successfully developed programs on Risk Management, Corporate Security, Loss Prevention, Anti-Fraud and Corruption / Bribery, Imposter Detection and Theft / Embezzlement for top MNCs, Embassies, UN missions and Government. Prince is specialised in developing and administering innovative business continuity programs / plans for managing crisis situations as well as security / protection design / plan using the CPTED concept and integrated security solutions. He has varied experience of 11 years in Commercial Security having managed independent Profit Centres as the Head of Security SBU / Division.


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